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Vishnu Sena

Producer : S.Govind
Story, Screenplay & Direction : Naganna
Music: Deva
Cast : Dr.Vishnuvardhan, Ramesh, Gurlin Chopra, Lakshmi Gopalswamy, Ashuthosh Rana, Pankaj Dheer & others .


Dr.Vishnu's 191st movie is all about the corruption in the system and an honest effort from a sincere college professor to eradicate the same in his own style. Professor Jayasimha (Vishnuvardhan) believes that the corruption has to be eradicated from the roots and the guilty need to be punished then and there. He opines that when a mother is sick, she should be taken to the doctor at that moment rather than waiting for the right one. The story revolves around how the professor forms a battery of well educated, dedicated IAS officers and posts them in all important government run institutions. Based on the teams feed back the corrupt person is punished. Jayasimha takes this route as he loses his wife and kid during the collapse of his apartment because of faulty construction. His efforts in bringing the guilty to the court goes in vain as he finds out that each and every department is involved in granting the license for construction. The post interval part of the movie involves in how an ordinary driver of the police department played by Ramesh Arvind goes about solving the case of who is responsible behind the attacks on the corrupt officers.

Vishnu Sena


The movie is a remake of Tamil movie Ramana. Though it is a remake it has been very well made. The story has been neatly altered to reflect the political system in karnataka by director Naganna and dialogues writer Vijay Sarathy. The hospital scene where the doctors claim bills for treating a dead body is one of the biggest highlights. The dialogue by Vishnu about the population, number of hospitals, schools etc is outstanding.


In Vishnu Sena, Dr.Vishnu towers above everyone and everything as professor Jayasimha. He has you hooked completely in the movie. He is cool, petulant, passionate and accomodating in the movie. The scene where he makes the hospital raise bills for rendering service to a dead body is scintillating. His emoting capacity deserves a big applause expressed during the death of his wife and kid. His dialogue delivery and the stunt scenes are executed to perfection. He proves his worth for the doctorate that will be given to him next week with this movie's theme and performance. The song Abhimanigale Nanna Prana sung by Dr.Vishnu himself will be a sure hit among his fans.
Ramesh Arvind as the constable who solves the case regarding the kidnapping of the corrupt officers gives good support. He along with Vishnu are turning out to be a great team in delivering great hit movies. Ramesh has stuck to the basics and kept everything simple. He has never tried to overact.
Director Naganna has delivered another hit movie after Kotigobba with Dr.Vishnu. Dialouges by Vijay Sarathy are worth mentioning. He has put in a lot of effort to suit it to the nature of Karnataka. Producer S.Govind has spent a whopping 3.5 crores on the movie and the efforts are not wasted. The richness is shown in every frame. The graphics used goes very well with the movie. Costume design by Keerthi for her dad stands out again.
The song "Deva Neenellihe" sung by Shankar Mahadevan and "History gottha" for which actor Upendra has penned the lyrics remain in your memory. To summarize, Dr.Vishnu has ended this year for the kannada people and himself with a very neat family entertainer. The movie has been released through out the state with 43 prints. There was huge turn out of Vishnu fans for the first show of the movie at Santosh theatre. They were all overjoyed and there was a huge celebration outside the theater. They were bursting crackers at will and the movement of traffic had to be ceased for sometime near Santosh theater.


The main drawback of the movie is the music score by Deva. He has failed to deliver the same magic tunes that he has done for previous Dr.Vishnu's movies. The lady star cast have nothing much to do in the movie.

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