The Stylist Hero

Producer : VijayKumar
Screenplay, Lyrics, Direction : S.Narayan
Music: Deva
Cast : Vishnuvardhan(Triple Role), Bhanupriya, Meena, Ruchita Prasad, Abhijit, Shivaram, Sunderraj, Mukyamantri Chandru, Umashri, Shobaraj, Ramesh Bhat & others .


The story revolves around Narasimha Gowda(Vishnuvardhan), who is the chieftain for a group of 48 villages. He is the man with the strength of an elephant and who rules the Simhadri village as a lion rules his kingdom. The sincerity and the wisdom in the judgement makes the people go to Narasimha for justice and not the police. Shobhraj, one of the relative of Narasimha Gowda rapes a girl and is banished from the village for 18 years. He also has to marry the girl according to the judgement by the Gowda. Such a harsh judgement makes Shobraj's father kill Narasimha Gowda.
The throne is ascended by the elder son of Narasimha Gowda - Vishnuvardhan in an authoritative role, as a just and powerful ruler. Things take a turn after 18 years when the Simhadriya Simha family has to undergo a similar situation. Due to a twist of fate, Gowda has to decide his brother Chikka's (again played by Vishnuvardhan)fate. The judgement - Chikka is ordered to leave the village for 10 years. Truth is unveiled when Shobraj's mother reveals the involvement of her son in falsely implicating Chikka. The stage is then set for a perfect climax.


From the first visual to the last, Simhadriya Simha is a treat to the eyes. This is an expensive and a lavish movie with beautiful locations, lovely costumes for Vishnuvardhan (Designed by Keerthi), great lighting and dizzy camerawork. Its clear that no expense has been spared from producer Vijaykumar who is also a fan and a close friend of Vishnuvardhan for more than 30 years. This is the fourth venture from Vishnu & Narayan combination and it turns out to be a winner as always. Though this is a remake of tamil film "Nattamai", Narayan has spent a lot of effort in deviating from the original story and make this as a new movie. The songs, fights, Superb Graphics, Special effects and the technical brilliance are all fine tuned to boost Vishnu's image.


Brilliant performance from Vishnu who is totally absorbed in all the three characters.He marvelously conveys vulnerability, strength and determination. Besides looking real, Vishnu has put all of himself in to the role of Narasimha Gowda. He brings in a feeling among the audience that the three Vishnuvardhan's they are watching are completely different from one another. Its as though three different hero's have performed.
Meena looks pretty. Bhanupriya looks good and has done her role very well. Shobraj's performance is very good. Veteran shivram has rendered good support.

Again good work from director S.Narayan. He has continued from where he had left in Jamindarru. The dialogues are catchy and punching. The dialogues explaining the relationship between husband and wife and also the one about a woman's three stages in life are awesome. Deva does a good and commendable job with his compositions, especially the number "Kalladare Naanu" number.


Yet again the comedy is mediocre and Narayan has made it a point not to improve on this aspect.

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