The Stylist Hero

Producer : K.Manju
Story, Screenplay & Direction : Om Prakash
Music: Rajesh Ramanath
Cast : Vishnuvardhan, Ravichandran, Shashikumar, Rambha, Anuprabhakar, Rangayana Raghu Sumitra & others .


The story revolves around Mutthu(Ravichandran) Who is the all in all for the royal family of Sahukara(Shashikumar). He is the one who is in charge of taking care of Shaukara and looking after his needs. Muthu takes Shaukara to view the dance of Ranganayaki (Rambha) without the knowledge of his mother. Shaukara falls in love with Ranganayaki but his uncle Rangayana Raghu has other plans. He wants to get Sahukara married to his daughter (Anuprabhakar) so that he can get a hold on the wealth of Sahukara.
Ranganayaki loves Mutthu and this causes a rift between the employee and the employer. Mutthu is asked to leave the house. This leads to the opening of the pandora box as to who Muthhu is and who is the actual Sahukara?


Sahukara is the remake of the super hit tamil movie "Mutthu". Hats off to producer K.Manju who has spent money on the movie with out any second thought and has given this grand movie to the people of karnataka. The film is rich in all aspects. The settings used in the songs, the location selected for picturing of the same is all marvelous. The chariot chasing scene will become one of the proud trendsetter for chases in kannada movies.


The highlight of the movie is none other than one and only "Vishnuvardhan" and that's what the film needs - Vishnuvardhan the Abhinaya Bhargava who can win hearts. His presence on the screen is for a very brief amount of time but he mesmerizes the audience with his charming smile and godfather-like aura. His role blends warmly within the movie.The beard and the make up is all fine tuned to perfection for Vishnu to reflect his age. Fans get to see the usual Vishnu who is very philosophical in his real life displaying the same in reel life too. One of the sensor board members was so impressed with Vishnu's appearance in the movie that he compared his humble looks to Sai Baba.
Om Prakash Rao has handled the direction very well and has shown a knack for rich film making. He has handled the presences of the three stars in the film very well.
Ravichandran is as usual at his natural ease.
He is aptly supported by Shashikumar.
Rambha and Anuprabhakar have performed their roles very well.
Good support by Rangayana Raghu as the villain.
The only sad part of the movie are the songs composed by Rajesh Ramanath. He has not even spent a dime for creativity and has just lifted the tunes from the original. If K.Manju was able to afford A.R.Rehman who has tuned the original score then he would have been better of in using him and his name and make this movie even more rich.
All said and done, the movie is a very good family entertainer and a must see for every kannadiga.

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