The Stylist Hero
Raja Narasimha

Producer : Medikonda Venkata Murlikrishna
Direction : Muthyalu Subbaiah
Music: Deva
Cast : Vishnuvardhan, Ramyakrishna, Rashi, Gurudutt, Abhijit, Shivaram, Shobaraj, & others .


Raja Narasimha (Vishnuvardhan), is a wealthy land lord. He treats women with utmost respect."God cannot be present everywhere, therefore he created a woman with half of his qualities" is one of the few preachings that shows Raja Narasimha's feeling towards women and the way he treats them. He is always there to save women from trouble. On one such incident he saves Mahalakshmi(Rashi) from rowdies. Mahalkshmi is pleased with the simplicity and the humbleness of the landlord. She decides to marry him inspite of the fact that she is engaged to an NRI.
On the wedding day, Raja Narasimha is shot by Soundarya(Ramya Krishna). Everybody is stunned as to how a person who respects women to the core is shot by a woman itself. Post-Interval of the movie is about why Soundarya shot Raja Narasimha and how everything gets sorted out.


The movie is a good family entertainer.Clearly the movie and the screenplay was written from start to finish with Vishnu in mind. He dominates the movie from start to finish.Again the computer graphics that has become a regular feature in Vishnu's movies are a treat to any of his fan's eyes. Couple of special effects like a lightning over Vishnu and lions roaring from his eyes are stunning.


Brilliant performance from Vishnu who appears to have taken over from where he had left in Simhadriya Simha. Rashi and Ramya Krishna look beautiful. Dialogues by M.Ramesh is another highlight in the movie. The movie has shades of Telugu culture probably because the direction is handled by Mutyalu Subaiah. Music by Deva is good. Couple of numbers are hummable and melodious.

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