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Bettappa Superappa

Producer : Gandugali Manju
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Lyrics & Direction : S.Narayan
Music : M.M.Keeravani
Cast : Vishnuvardhan(Dual Role), Prema, Rashi, Srinivas Murthy, Anu Prabhakar, Doddanna, Mukyamanthri Chandru. & Others


The affluent and respected Jamindaarru family in the village is split because of a family quarrel. The head of the family Srinivasamurthy, does not disclose to his two wives who their real sons are. He maintains this secret for good reasons right from the birth of his two sons Bettappa and Biligiri. But his first wife is hell bent on knowing the identity of her son. This ends in one of the two wives of Jamindaarru losing her life. On the day of the final rites, Bettappa runs away from the scene and wants to avenge his father for this death. He also promises not to shave his head till he finds out as to who is real mother was. Bettappa lives separately with his confidant Sunderraj and his family.
History repeats itself when Biligiri ends up marrying Prema and Rashi due to some confusion. He also goes through the same chain of events as his father. After some years, Prema dies because of a snake bite. This demands a bachelor in the family to perform the final rites of Prema. What will Bettappa do and how the family reunites forms the climax of the movie.

Once again, its a splendid performance from Vishnuvardhan in a dual role. He is unstoppable, as he takes on the role of Betappa. The shoulder length hair, the walrus moustache and the style in which he carries himself is inimitable. Betappa will surely not be forgotten. Vishnu's charisma and great acting, has the audiences applauding everywhere. One scene that everyone wants to speak about is, when Vishnu suddenly reacts with an angry and powerful expression in response to a dialogue from co-star Anu Prabhakar.
Veteran Actor, Srinivas Murthy has also given a very good performance. Of all the female stars Anu Prabhakar looks good and has given a good performance. Another highlight of the movie is the dialogues by director Narayan. They are awesome. Each and every dialogue is filled with life and energy.Dialogues in the praise of mother and her sacrifice is exemplary. Cameraman Mathew has done a good job. Couple of songs and the graphics used are some of the other highlights of the movie.

Music score by Keeravani is mediocre. The focus on more than one wife in a family by Director S.Narayan will not be easily accepted. A director of Naryan's caliber has failed to do justice in the comedy scenes.

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