The Stylist Hero

Producer : K.Manju
Story, Screenplay & Direction : P.Vasu
Music: Hamsalekha
Cast : Vishnuvardhan, Nagma, Anu Krishnakumar, Doddana, Shivaram, Shobaraj & others .


The story of Hrudayavantha is about how Vishnuvardhan brings up his sister Anu krishnakumar and makes her a doctor. The way the story is penned about the hero is like a coin having two sides. On one side Vishnuvardhan is a man of immense strength who works as a loyal slave to his master. His job is to collect the interest which the people owe to his master either by kind or by power. Here he shows his loyalty to the master.
On the other side, Vishnu is shown as a reformer. He becomes the owner of his master's wealth after the latter's death. He believes that the money earned from the sufferings of poor people is not good. So he donates the wealth he received from his master to the poor and returns back to the village. He works as a farmer and pretty soon turns in to a big landlord. He is loyal to the people who have made him the master. He uses his intelligence in this side of the coin to teach the baddies a lesson. He pledges his entire wealth to the government in order to save the farmers from their misery and sufferings. He is always willing to serve the needy and the poor at the snap of a finger.
His wife (Nagma) knows the truth about Vishnu. What happens when his sister comes to know about the truth? How does she react forms the rest of the story.


Hrudayavantha has a high emotional quotient. P.Vasu has penned the story and directed the movie keeping Vishnu's image in mind and what his fans want to see. The scene in the college where Vishnu explains to the crowd in broken English about his life and mother's death is a real tear jerker. Also, the scene in the song Annaya where Vishnu touches and cuddles with Anu's feet shows his true character and his humble nature. Music score by Hamsaleka is good with couple of good numbers like Anna Needore Nannauru , Annaya Neenu Hrudayavantha and Thangiye Thangiye.Despite some unconvincing situations, the movie is a treat for the whole family.


Excellent performance from Vishnu all the way in his second release of the year. This role is tailor made for him. The quicksilver quality of Vishnu's emoting capacity has been used by director P.Vasu to the fullest extent. As always he exults in the action scenes. Anu Krishnakumar has given a memorable performance though her presence on the screen is only for a short period. Ramesh Babu behind the camera has done a wonderful job in capturing the lush green fields.


Nagma has been wasted in the movie and doesn't add any extra flavor. Also, directors who direct Vishnu's movies fail in the aspect of comedy and its mediocre this time too.

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