Sahasimha Abhinaya Bhargava Dr Vishnuvardhan

This site is dedicated to Vishnuvardan, The Phoenix of Kannada cinema.His talents are obvious and enormous and Kannadigas are fortunate that he graced the film industry with his talents.

Looking back at his career,I think the quality that sets him apart from all other actors is that, he set the bar of excellence at such a high level that in our immediate future, his status is unlikely to be challenged.With a warrior's heart and an artist's grace, He long ago transcended the part to become Kannada Cinema's greatest actor.

He did not invent the acting, Just as he did not invent the smile and anger. But he combined all of this, that his image became nearly as admirable as his un spanned skills. He has more talent, physically and mentally than any other actor. It does cement him as one of all time greats.

There is no such a thing as a perfect actor and there is no doubt that "Vishnu" is only the greatest either.Everyone acts in different eras.But in him, You had a guy who could give you everything.Despite all the name and fame that he has acquired, He continues to be affable and accessible and has never been known to put on any airs. His sincerity and dedication have never wavered ,and in that lies his greatness.

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