The Stylist Hero

Producer : Jai Jagdish
Direction : Vijaylakshmi Singh
Music: Manomurthy
Cast : Dr.Vishnuvardhan, Jayapradha, Ananth Nag, Tara, Darshan, Jeniffer Kotwal, Dodanna & Others.


A well made and a neat family entertainer is presented to the cine audience of the kannada industry by Jai Jagdish under the banner of Dakshath combines. This is Dr.Vishnu's 197th movie and it doesnt disappoint his fans or the family audience. Dr.Vishnu completes the year with another outstanding movie.

Harish Raj (Dr.Vishnuvardhan) and Nandini (Jayapradha) are a happily married middle class couple with three children. Like any other parents of a family they really struggle hard and make sure that they stand up to their children's needs. They make sure that everyone is well educated and work in good companies. The movie mainly begins to kick in from the day of Harish Raj's retirement. He speaks to his entire family and tells them that he is retired and the job of taking care of him and his wife is on the children now. He also reiterates that he has no savings as he has spent every penny that he has earned for the benefit and welfare of his children. He requests them to look after him and his wife with respect. The children are in for a rude shock when they hear about what their father is saying. All the three involve in discussion among themselves to handle this situation. They hit on upon the idea of splitting their parents so that each can remain in one of their house for a certain amount of time. This would also help in taking care of their grand children. This decision pains and hurts Harish a lot. He has not lived without his wife for a single day. But after much persual from his wife Nandini (whom he respects by calling Nandani avare) finally relents and agrees to the proposal.

The next couple of reels deals with all the humiliation and sufferings that Harish Raj and Nandini go through in their children's house. Both of them put up with all these without much fuss. Meanwhile Harish's friend Naryana Ullagadi (Ananth Nag) will be persuading him to write a book on his experiences in life and the way he suffered from his children. He requests him to write about the sacrifices parents make in order to give their children a good life, only to be spurned by them in their old age

Meanwhile Nandini decides enough is enough and requests Harish to live together. At the same time Kiran (Darshan) an orphan looked after and nurtured by Harish and Nandini in his young age is desperately looking for them. He with his wife Pallavi (Jeniffer Kotwal) finally manage to get a hold of Harish and Nandini. As a token of appreciation, Kiran presents the house back to Harish in which he used to live once.
Later the book Ee Bandhana written by Harish becomes a huge hit and a roaring success. A grand felicitation ceremony will be arranged for Harish. His entire family with his children and the adopted son will be present. Harish openly acknowledges Kiran as his son and disowns his own children. He also makes a tremendous speech to parents about how to guide children and also advices them to save some money for their future instead of spending entirely on their welfare.


The film belongs to Dr.Vishnu and Jayapradha. Although this movie is a remake of yester years kannad hit movie School Master and Baghban this seems to be tailor-made for Dr.Vishnu. Another brilliant performance by Dr.Vishnu and he is Just amazing in the movie. He sings, dances, romances, cries and makes you cry. He is superb in his role as we see him hurt and frustrated with constant rejection. He touches the hearts of all parents who are madly in love with their children. Jayapradha makes a come back to the kannada screen in a grand way. She is gorgeous and looks awfully beautiful. She has handled her part of handling emotions with ease and makes the perfect wife for Dr.Vishnu in the movie. Ananth Nag, Tara, Darshan and Jennifer Kotwal have supported the movie well. The scenes involving Dr.Vishnu and Darshan invokes lot of whistles and appreciation from the masses.Both Darshan and Jeniffer Kotwal, who plays his love interest, make their presence felt in the little screen time allotted to their special appearance.
Overall, this is an impressive debut by Vijaylakshmi Singh. She has kept things simple and has just worked on the characters smoothly. She has proved that she is a director with lot of potential for hard work.

Music & Camera:

Vincent behind the camera is simply amazing. He has handled all the shots perfectly and there is lot of richness visible through out the movie. Music director Manomurthy has to be commended for his work and he cannot stop. He along with Jayanth Kaikini and Sonu Nigam is delivering an hit number in every movie. The song Adey Bhoomi Adey Bhaanu simply rocks and is already a huge hit. Its popularity level is bound to increase further. Banna Banna, Lets dance and Ugadi Ugadi are the other songs that have been picturised well and will stay in your memory.

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