The Stylist Hero
Bellary Naga

Producer : K.Manju
Direction : Dinesh Baboo
Music: L.N.Shastry
Cast : Dr.Vishnuvardhan, Rajesh, Avinash, Shobhraj, Chitra Shenoy, Manasi, Ramesh Bhat & Others.


For Vishnu fans,after a long time comes a film that makes you wolf-whistle. One that then ties you to the edge of your seat and forcibly pins you there and pounces on you, eventually leaving you sitting in the dark, drained and grinning and more satisfied than a film has any business leaving you. Hello this is Bellary Naga in short for you. Vishnu's 199th movie celebrates and exults the olden days of Dada and Sahasa Simha image of Vishnu in style. After Kotigobba this is another action packed thriller from Dr.Vishnu.

Bellary Naga is about Naga Mankiyam who is a buffalo dealer. He has left Ballary for good when he is a kid. Circumstances related to his father forces him to come back to Ballary. His father Vishwanath Gowda doesnt believe in his second wife's siblings capabilities to take care of the estate and his wealth. So he writes a will that puts Naga, his first wife's son in charge of the property for 25 years. This will make Raju (his second's wife son) to hate and take revenge on Naga. He takes the support of villain Reddy to eliminate Naga. How Naga deals with Reddy and then unite the family again forms the rest of the story.


Bellary Naga Sahasimha Vishnu with paan in his mouth, with colorful costumes, white shoes, black glasses and bellary style accent steals the heart of the cinegoers. Vishnu's bellary accent is something that his fans had not seen.The words he speaks, the style of dialogue delivery, and the tone of his voice is mind blowing. Its an out and out Vishnu's movie. Another important thing to note is that, At this age (59) Vishnu just leaves everyone way behind in fight sequences.
Rajesh has done justice and given ample support to Vishnu in the role of a villain. The suppporting cast have all done their part to full justice.
Dinesh Baboo does it all himself (direction, camera and screen play). After giving succesfull movies like Suprabatha and Laali, he is back again with Vishnu with a winner and a completely different style.


Its very rare to see movies without songs or having only few songs in them. This movie falls in to that category and only 2 songs from the CD have been utilized from the movie.
One hip hop song at the begining Jaadugaara Jaagwara sets the mood of the movie and what to expect later. All in all a good effort by L.N.Shastry and has really done a good job in coming out with couple of awesome mass numbers.

What Others say ??:

Golden Star Ganesh: After watching the movies with other industry folks, Ganesh said he was spell bound with Vishnu's acting and especially the stunt sequences. He was shcoked to see a person at this age (59) perfomring great stunts with ease. He also remembered that to give a good product, Vishnu doesnt cut corners and infact had to do homework to talk in Bellary style.

Duniya Vijay : This is an out and out Vishnu's movie. It will be a deepavali treat for his fans.

Karnatakada Kulla Dwarakish: Dwarkish was in flash back mood and remembered the action roles performed by Vishnu in olden days. He said he was still in awe with movies like Sahasa Simha, Naga Kala Bhairava. He aslo felt Vishnu has never failed in giving a good performance in every movie.


This is a remake of a malayalam movie Raja Manikyam starring Mamooty.

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